Changeset [be9e9a0948ea471436c4bbec8f5f424b377571d6] by Arnaud Didry

December 4th, 2012 @ 10:18 AM

[menu] Add a constrained option

Add scrollbars and keep menu panels in the viewport

If true inputex-menu will plug NodeContrainedMenuNav instead of NodeMenuNav

Committed by Arnaud Didry

  • A src/node-constrained-menunav/
  • A src/node-constrained-menunav/build.json
  • A src/node-constrained-menunav/docs/component.json
  • A src/node-constrained-menunav/docs/firstexample.mustache
  • A src/node-constrained-menunav/docs/index.mustache
  • A src/node-constrained-menunav/docs/partials/firstexample-code.mustache
  • A src/node-constrained-menunav/js/node-constrained-menunav.js
  • A src/node-constrained-menunav/meta/node-constrained-menunav.json
  • A src/node-constrained-menunav/tests/unit/assets/node-constrained-menunav-test.js
  • A src/node-constrained-menunav/tests/unit/node-constrained-menunav.html
  • M src/menu/docs/component.json
  • M src/menu/docs/partials/menu-code.mustache
  • M src/menu/js/menu.js
  • M src/menu/meta/menu.json
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